Wrong decisions may cost you

a lot of time

and efforts.

Do you have it?


Good decisions will definitely bring you profits.

But do you know, where great decision can take you?






We will accelerate your ability to raise capital and execute investment or development activities in Europe.

We know answers for questions that rise when you try to recognize European real estate market and execute investment here.


We know how to help when:

 —  the timeframe for investment is limited

 —  the existing capital structure is .... or restricted

 —  there is no sufficient capital to acquire, develop or redevelop the property

 —  the capital mix need to be ....

 —  you have lost a key/strategic partner

 —  there are relationship problems among existing investors

 —  you face changes in law or taxations ( we have access to vast pool of advisory experts)

 —  the project destination is challenging

 —  the existing property is no longer able to attract and retain tenants

Oakway Europe:

 —  provides capital for your property investment and development activities

 —  provides strategic guidelines and coordinates in the entire process of investment including support in negotiating contracts, together with external legal advisors

 —  provide relevant administrative and back-office support once  capital is acquired

 —  produces high quality marketing materials

 —  delivers success

Our involvment saves time and money.